2018 5th Global Conference on Polymer and Composite Materials (PCM 2018)
Key Laboratory of Polymer Processing Engineering
(South China University of Technology), Ministry of Education


The establishment of key Laboratory of polymer processing engineering of Ministry of education at South China University of Technology was approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China in Aug, 2000.And it officially operated in 2002. It is one of the most important materials-oriented Lab in china. The founder and also the academic leader of this of the lab is professor Jin-ping Qu at China academy of engineering. There are master’s programs, doctoral programs and post-doctoral research stations based on materials science and engineering and mechanical engineering in the lab. The main mission of the lab is to create good conditions for research, education, innovation and technology development in polymer materials processing engineering and equipment, and also to attract outstanding scholars at home and abroad in this field.
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Major Research Areas

1-Technology and theory for polymer processing
Major research content
●Theory and equipment for polymer plasticizing, extrusion, mixing and injecting
●Polymer reaction molding process, mechanism and equipment
●Preparation and molding technology of high performance polymer based composites
●Characterizing and intelligent control during polymer processing
2-Dynamics of polymer materials processing
Major research content
●Non-linear phenomena of polymer molding process and its simulation and emulation
●Non-linear dynamics of physical fields aided polymer processing
●Application of non-linear dynamics theory in intelligent equipment for polymer processing
3-Physical chemistry problems of polymers processing
Major research content
● Reponses of polymer properties and morphology structure to different physical force fields
●Rheological and polymer physics of complex fluid in different physical stress fields
● Mechano-chemical effect of polymer based composites during processing assisted by different physical force field

The Team of Laboratory Management and Research

Laboratory organization
Academic AdvisoryBoard
Director: Jingliang Sund
Vice Director: Tianbai He
Committee member: Qi Wang, Jian Xu, Jian Yu, Qiang Zheng, Daming Wu, Mingqiu Zhang, Xiaolin Xie, Yunong Yang, Jinping Qu, Yuanfang Luo, Zhen Tong, Hanxiong Huang, Guangzhao Zhang.

Administrative Office
Director: Jinping Qu
Full-time secretary: Guixiang Tang
Vice Director: Hongwu Wu, Jianqin Zhao, Xiangfang Peng
Laboratory Advisor: Deming Jia

Academic Leader

Jinping Qu: Born in June 1957, Dr., professor, doctoral supervisor, Academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Vice-chancellor of south china university of technology (1998-2007).The winner of National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, Chang Jiang Scholars of the Ministry of Education, and the “cross-century talents program” of the Ministry of Education. He is the state key discipline leaders of the materials science and processing engineering in south china university of technology.

Honors and Awards:

Professor Jin-ping Qu has been engaged in the scientific research in the field of polymer material molding. He first put forward the invention of polymer dynamic plasticizing processing methods and technology in the world-wide, which set a new era in the theory of polymer dynamic plasticizing and molding research. Extrusion, injection, reaction processing equipment and also rheometer based on this dynamic plasticizing convey theory were developed and realized the industrialization of this technology. He first proposed the polymer plasticizing and convey dominated by extensional rheology .Accordingly, equipment based on the new technology was developed and came into industrialization.

He issued more than 40 Chinese invention patents, 3 international invention patents and distributed more than 20 products. Most of the achievements are in a leading position in the world-wide polymer processing. He has been awarded several prizes for scientific and technology progress, including: two Second Class Prizes of National technology invention award; one Second Class Prizes of The State Scientific and Technological Progress Award, one Chinese patent invention prize award, one patent gold medals. And also he has been awarded several Provincial Science and Technology Awards, including, one special award, three first class Prizes and two Second Class Prizes. More than 200 hundred articles were published and indexed by SCI or EI. He published 5 books, including one translation and one treatise.

2018 5th Global Conference on Polymer and Composite Materials (PCM 2018)
Conference Secretary: Yoko Ye
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